Foofaraw and hullabaloo

Posted by R. Berg on January 20, 2002

In Reply to: Froofreraw, hullaballoo, kinnipshen posted by Marian on January 20, 2002

: : Sorry about the spelling in the subject line but I'm not sure if there is a correct spelling for any of this.

: : Fooferaw, hullaballoo and kinnipchen (with or without 'fit') seems to describe some upheaval or tumultuous todo. Are they simply non-sensical words that because widespread (Canada, anyway) because they sound unusual or is there some origin for any of them? I was mostly wondering about 'fooferaw' (frooferaw?)

: : Chris

: Conniption or conniption fit: a fit of rage, hysteria or alarm. Webster's Third New International Dictionary (copyright 1966)

All three are real words. Spellings and definitions from the American Heritage Dictionary:
FOOFARAW 1. Excessive or flashy ornamentation. 2. A to-do over a trifling matter. [Origin unknown.]
HULLABALOO A great noise or excitement; an uproar. [Earlier "hollo-ballo," akin to the interjection HALLOO.]
This dictionary says the origin of "conniption" is unknown.