Dutch, German, Teutonic

Posted by Bruce Kahl on September 06, 2001

In Reply to: Dutch, German, Teutonic posted by Silly American on September 06, 2001

>>>Are you saying that Holland is a country>>
Yes, Holland is the popular name that most people use to describe that part of Europe. "The Netherlands" is the official name.

>>>equipped with own king and currency>and the Netherlands is a section of Europe>>
Yes, netherlands ( low lands) is a geographical reference to a region of Western Europe bordering on the North Sea & comprising modern Belgium, Luxembourg, & The Netherlands.

>>>that Dutch are the people and the language>>Because the age old question is why aren't they called Hollanders<<<
I guess because the language spoken and the names of the people are linked sometimes as in Italians speak Italian, the English speak English, the Greeks speak Greek and the Dutch speak Dutch.