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Never said 'dog.'

Posted by Bob on December 17, 1999

In Reply to: Never said 'dog.' posted by Bruce Kahl on December 17, 1999

: We seem to use the word "dog" for a lot of stuff in the U.S...."

: Dog Days
: Raining Cats and Dogs
: Putting on the dog
: Hair of the Dog
: Dog in the manger
: Dogsbody
: "till the last dog's hung"

Plus two old standby explanations for failure: the southern (almost always political) expression "that dog won't hunt" and the marketing postmortem sxpression "the dogs won't eat it," based on a probably-lengendary lavish ad campaign where millions of dollars were spent introducing a dog food product that failed because no one had bothered consulting with the dogs first. Now applied metaphorically to lots of hastily-planned flops.

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