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Dixiechicks lyric

Posted by Tasha on May 29, 2001

In Reply to: Dixiechicks lyric posted by Bruce Kahl on October 27, 2000

: : in the first verse of Dennis Linde's "Earl had to die",it sounds to me as if the Chicks are singing:
: : "both members of the forage [four age?] club and active in the FFA..."

: : If that's right, what's it mean?

: The actual lyric is:

: "Maryanne and Wanda were the best of friends, all through their highschool days
: both members of the four H club, both active in the FFA
: After graduation Maryanne went out, looking for a bright new world
: Wanda looked all around this town, and all she found was Earl"

: The 4H Clubs--Head Heart Hands and Health--and the FFA--Future Farmers of America--are youth oriented. 4Hers are involved in learning new skills, running their clubs, doing community service, helping others, and teaching others.

: So what the Dixiechicks are saying is that Maryanne, before she met up with Earl, was a nice girl who was doing the right thing and was very family and community oriented and then, because of the abuse from Earl, had to do away with Earl:
: "Goodbye Earl
: We need a break...
: Lets go out to the lake Earl
: We'll pack a lunch, and stuff you in the trunk, Earl
: Is that alright? Good! Lets go for a ride, Earl. Hey!"