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Foodish names

Posted by R. Berg on May 10, 2001

In Reply to: Foodish names posted by mortimer on May 09, 2001

: : : Here's more. Jelly Roll Morton, Truffle, Chicken Shack, Wheat, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Chuck Berry (and forty years later, Buck Cherry), Bronze Hog, Chocolate Watchband, the Turtles, Flying Burrito Brothers, Wild Cherry, Captain Beefheart, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Kingfish, Vanilla Fudge, Autumn Leaves (could be lettuce or cabbage), Limp Bizkit, April Wine, Hot Tuna, The Animals (if you're not vegetarian), Beatles (some African tribes eat insects), Sugar Cane Harris, Humble Pie, Spice Girls, Cookie, Buffalo Springfield, Fuzzy Sprouts, Pop Tarts, Eels, Peach, Vanilla Ice, Plasmic Honey, Brandy, Great King Rat (survival food?),Tangerine Dream, Jello Biafra, Nubian Crackers. There's more, but I'm tired for now.

: : : mort

: mort here. Just woke up from a nap and recharge.

: : T-Bone Walker, Fats Domino, Ice-T (and Ice Cube?), the Byrds, the Eagles--but this is getting disgusting.

: : If cannibalism is allowed (speaking of disgusting), we have the Four Freshmen, the Beach Boys, Barenaked Ladies, and many more. --rb

: r.b., yes you do tend to take it all to a disgusting place. Eating rats under imagined dire conditions is one thing, your cannibalism (right here on phrase finder) is quite another! Puh-leeze!!

: mort

: P.S. Stew Cutler (jazz), Olive, Buck Owens, Blind Melon, Shark Quest, Mock Orange, Rabbit Ears, Jive Bunny, on and on.

So eating little bunny rabbits isn't disgusting?