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Cut to the chase

Posted by ESC on January 12, 2001

In Reply to: "Cut to the chase" when did it appear? posted by ESC on January 12, 2001

: : I'm curious if anyone can give me a date and citation for the first appearance of "cut to the chase?"

: I'm still looking. Haven't been able to find the first citation.

CHASE - "chase n. In phrases: cut to the chase (orig. ref. to chase scenes in action movies) get to the point; get on with it. (The 1929 use attests a literal use in film.) (1929 McEnvoy 'Hollywood Girl' 106: Jennings escapes.Cut to the chase.) 1983 'Hill Street Blues' (NBC-TV): Cut to the chase." From "Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, Volume 1, A-G" by J.E. Lighter, Random House, New York, 1994.