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Super Bowl singing

Posted by ESC on February 07, 2011 at 14:51

Christina Aguilera messed up the National Anthem during the Super Bowl. Didn't know the words. She is sorry:"Diva" singing. My in-house music expert has introduced me to a new term -- melisma. From a National Public Radio segment: "Melisma is the musical art of creating a run of many notes from one syllable." I love knowing the correct term, misuse of melisam: "At some crucial moment in the lyric, the singer will worry a word to the point of abstraction...the singer is usually making 'ugly faces' to convey the soul's torments." Picked up a couple more terms from the article: gospel gargle and Detroit disease, singers trying to outdo each other. How 'American Idol' Uses (and Abuses) Melisma by Michael Katzif.