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Right as Rain

Posted by Joel on November 25, 2000

In Reply to: Right as Rain posted by ESC on November 25, 2000

: : : could you help with the meaning and origin of this phrase ??

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I can't help feeling that many people trying to understand phrases and sayings in the English (or other) language would benefit a great deal by spending a minimum of one year in a rural, farming region. People who live in cities and suburbs can't, apparently, imagine what the human race experienced over the 6-10,000 years after the neolithic revolution, in which horticulture/agriculture and animal husbandry was developed.

Rain = soil moisture = plant growth/health = harvest = survival and people health. Irrigation was not common in much of the world until the last century, even more recently in some areas (including areas of North America). Plants or plant seeds (grain) or plant-fed animals fed people. So the rain was "right" because when it happened in season, it assured survival and happiness.