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Creative cursing

Posted by ESC on November 10, 2000

In Reply to: PS posted by marcus on November 09, 2000

: : : : Simple question: what is the origin of the expression and/or who is Jehosophat?

: : : Jehoshaphat is a Biblical king -- the son of Asa and fourth king of Judah (873-849 BC) but no one knows the origin of the phrase. Or, at least, it's not in any of my reference books. The phrase is just alliterative and the words sound good together. PS Probably the phrase started out as Jumping Jesus and someone thought that was too blasphemous and substituted Jehoshaphat. That's a "Minced oath."

: :Thanks, I'll buy that. Have you heard "Christ-on-a crutch" or "Jesus H. Christ" or, if you will forgive me, "Jesus s h i t!!!" or "jesus[f-word]*ingchrist"? Sounds like more "minced oaths". I suspect these terms originated at sea amongst sailors.

Some of the best cusses are from Stephen King novels. ("Christ on a pony" comes to mind.) I don't know if he makes them up or just "collects" them from his home area. I am opposed to indiscriminate use of bad language in general and using the Lord's name in vain in particular. But I do have a soft spot for creative cursing. Jesus(blanking)Christ is called a "sandwich word," by the way.