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Dog's Dinner

Posted by Greeble on October 10, 2000

In Reply to: Dog's Dinner posted by Bruce Kahl on October 10, 2000

Ah ok, the done up bit is much more obvious to me now... But not the dog's dinner bit... What connection does this have with clothes or anything like that? And when did this phrase appear?

: : Here's another one for you all...

: : I've looked at all the phrases mentioning dogs and I presume it has some connection to those... "Dog's dinner" does come up on the search but there isn't an entry in the list of explainations)...

: : Well anyway.. I want to know about a phrase that goes something like "done up like a dog's dinner"... This sounds rather strange to me as I can't think of a time when a "dog's dinner" would be "done up"... I'm not even sure what the phrase is used for, but I've heard people say it and I guess it means well fastened...

: Dressed/done up like a dog's dinner(adj) : (Br)Dressed in showy and fashionable clothes that one thinks wonderful but that the others think rather silly. Overdressed or or in a mess. eg. "He was done up like a dog's dinner" or "You've made a right dogs dinner of this !".