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Bucket list

Posted by ESC on June 08, 2008 at 21:24

In Reply to: Bucket list posted by RRC on June 08, 2008 at 19:32:

: : Bucket list - things to do before an event. In the movie "The Bucket List" , it means things to do before you kick the bucket - in other words, die. In the doctor's office the other day, I was browsing "Pregnancy and Newborn," May 2008 issue. An article was: Pre-baby Bucket List - 9 things to do before the baby arrives.

: : I'd never heard the express before the movie. (Haven't seen it but saw the promos.) You?

: I'm fairly sure the writer of the movie is the originator or at least popularizer of the phrase. It's slighty disturbing how quickly (from your example) that the usage has escaped the bounds of its original meaning - surely a Pre-Baby Kick-the-Bucket List would never have made it. I wonder if the magazine got any letters of complaint?
: Dear Editor, Are you implying that having a baby is the end of my life or that I should be preparing for the baby's death? - Something like that...

Well, the article was kind of along those lines. I thought it would be about preparing for the little bundle of joy. Actually it was: read a book, go to a movie, have fun with friends, etc., because after the baby comes it is parent duty 24/7.