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Football workout

Posted by Pamela on June 10, 2007

In Reply to: Football workout posted by Brian from Shawnee on June 09, 2007

: : Do you say 'bring your cheats to football workout', or 'take your cheats to football workout'.

: I think you mean "cleats", not "cheats". And in the U.S. we would say "football practice", not "workout".

: You can say either "bring" or "take", depending on the situation. The coach will remind young players to bring their cleats, and Mom will remind junior to take his cleats as he heads out the door without them.

Cleats? I had to look that one up, so it's my new word for the week. Don't quite see how I'll work it into a conversation ... We called these "spikes" back at school (the only time when sport played any role in my life), although I've seen on google that "cleats" has moved into the vocabulary since then, with spikes still holding its own. Pamela