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Bagging the s h i t out

Posted by Pamela on May 11, 2007

In Reply to: Bagging the s h i t out posted by RRC on May 09, 2007

: : : I am travelling around the world at the moment and have just used the phrase "bagging the s h i t out" and people had not heard this before. I was wondering if you knew where the origins of the phrase came from.

: : : The hostel would be very happy if you could answer this one for us.

: :
: : I would take it to mean putting your garbage in a bag and carrying it out of wherever you are. That's one of the "leave no trace" principles of responsible outdoor activity. Is that what you were talking about?

: There seem to be a lot of Google hits for "bagging the s h i t out OF" seeming to be along the lines of "beating the s h i t out of", "kicking ...", etc. So the real question should probably be 'whence "bagging"?'.

If you come to Australia, over here "I was bagging Pamela" would always mean "I was criticising Pamela, most likely behind her back". "Slagging her off" would have the same meaning. Adding the words "s h i t out of" i.e. "Bagging THE s h i t OUT of Pamela" would just be intensifying the sentence. You can also bag things besides people ("stop bagging the bridge") and something or someone can "cop a bag" i.e. be on the recieving end of a bagging. I've looked for an origin, but no luck.thus far. Pamela