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Quiet the dragons of worry and fear

Posted by Smokey Stover on March 15, 2007

In Reply to: Quiet the dragons of worry and fear posted by alon on March 14, 2007

: As I was looking for the qord quieten (verb) I came accross "quiet the dragons of worry and fear", which is very frequent in google searching, but always in the context of the same lexical definition. can anyone give me another link to where does this phrase came from ? thanks alot, alon, tel aviv.

Everything you say is true, along with the fact that the source for this distinctive phrase eludes capture. Obviously lexicographers look at each other's work, and sometimes use the same examples. They obviously find this particular example appealing. But it is quoted by others as well, so somewhere, in some source not indexed by Google, this phrase must make an appearance. But I can't find it; I hope eventually you will have better luck, as I'm sure you did with "quieten".

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