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Pollock Hall Fridge

Posted by Victoria S Dennis on April 29, 2007

In Reply to: Pollock Hall Fridge posted by Cam on April 29, 2007

: When I was an exchange student at the University of Glasgow, students put loaves of bread and other groceries on their window ledges. I was told this was a 'Pollock Hall Fridge'. No one I spoke to knew the origin of the name. Is anyone familiar with this name? Anyone know where it came from?

A friend of mine, who lives in Glasgow (though she herself went to St Andrews University) has this to say:
"Pollock Halls are a complex of student residences at the University of Edinburgh. It may be a Glasgow jibe at students from Edinburgh. However, the practice (especially, as I recall, of putting cartons of milk outside on the window-ledge) was also common in the residences I lived in at St Andrews. It had no special name there." (VSD)

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