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Meant to find the canary

Posted by Brian from Shawnee on January 01, 2007

In Reply to: Meant to find the canary posted by Lisa Thompson on December 31, 2006

: While watching Hex, a TV mini series on BBCAmerica, 2 characters make statements to the effect that (central character Cassie) "was meant to find the canary" I've never heard this phrase before, and am wondering if it's used in the UK. "Canary in a coal mine" is the closest I can think of - and from the context this is clearly not what's meant in the script.

: For those who've not seen the show, (and I am vastly oversimplifying) what she finds is a vase that gives her visions of events occurring well over 100 years prior to her find. Some of these events essentially begin to recur, with her taking the place of the woman she saw in the visions. The vase could be called canary blue, though I doubt that explains it.

: BTW - I am addicted to this site - keep up the great work!!

A canary can mean an informer or stool pigeon.