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Old sayings about the Midwest

Posted by Smokey Stover on October 30, 2006

In Reply to: Old sayings about the Midwest posted by R. Berg on October 20, 2006

: : I'm looking for some cliches or old sayings about the Midwest, or any of the states within, or sayings that originated in the midwest. Things like "more stubborn than a Missouri mule" (about missourian harry truman). famous quotes about the midwest would work, too, such as "toto, I don't think we're in kansas anymore."

: There's "I'm from Missouri. You'll have to show me."

: There's also "I hope you get to the saddles by Christmas," alluding to use of the Sears catalogue in outhouses, but I'm not sure the Midwest was its only venue. ~rb

When I moved to rural Illinois, a land of many cornfields and low horizons, I was told, "You can climb up to the second floor and see farther than you ever saw before--and see less."