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Monkey talk

Posted by Frankie on July 21, 2000

In Reply to: Monkey talk posted by Vidhya on July 19, 2000

: Hi, could anyone enlighten me as to what this phrase means: Never monkey with another monkey's monkey.
: Huh!?!

:Never (fool around, have sex, make a pass, flirt, kiss..etc.) with another man's woman.
(Or with another women's man.)
It's an adult nursery rhyme--so to speak. I don't know the origin but the play on words is clear. "Monkey" is used as a verb and noun.

Never monkey-- (make a pass, flirt)
with another monkey's --(another man's/woman's)
monkey (their boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife.)
Or the monkey will go ape all over you.

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