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Posted by Bob on July 01, 2000

In Reply to: Jingoism posted by Susan on July 01, 2000

: : : I have a notion that it means thinking your own country is superior but clarification of that and origin would be appreciated. Thanks.

: : JINGOISM - "Shrill, aggressive superpatriotism.chauvinism.(the term) came from the English parliamentary battle in 1876, with Gladstone on one side facing Queen Victoria and Disraeli on the other. The issue was intervention in Turkey over alleged persecution of Christians there. Gladstone held that Britain should support the Christian minorities against the Turks, threatening to bundle the Turks out of Europe 'bag and baggage.' Disraeli and the Queen felt it was all a plot by the Russians to expand at the expense of Turkey. When Disraeli threatened the Russians with war if they did not halt the flow of 'volunteers' into Turkey, this refrain was heard in the music halls of London:

: : We don't want to fight, but by Jingo, if we do,
: : We've got the ships, we've got the men,
: : We've got the money, too!

: : 'Jingoism' quickly became a synonym for bellicose remarks and national cockiness. Disraeli was initially forced into neutrality but when Russian invaded Turkey in 1878, he sent in the British fleet and helped arrange what he called a peace with honor." From "Safire's New Political Dictionary" by William Safire (Random House, New York, 1993).
: Would it be a stretch to relate "Jingo" to "By Jove" or even an oath to Zeus?

I think you're right. There are a lot of substitutes for "By God" including "By gosh/by gum/by golly/by Jove" and probably a dozen more. By Jingo fits in nicely.