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Happy as Larry, Fill your boots

Posted by Gary Martin on June 29, 2006

In Reply to: Happy as Larry, Fill your boots posted by Kevin Egan on June 29, 2006

: Hello to all - I have two questions and would greatly appreciate your views;
: 1. "As happy as Larry" ... (my research so far suggests this as a description of a boxer whom when interviewed post-fight after having received a complete 'hammering' was still up-beat despite his desperate state).

: 2. "Fill your boots" ... (my research so far suggests this as a conversational invitation to eat, drink and be merry or similar light hearted offer to make unrestriceted use of facilities whatever they may be).

Fill your boots is most often used in football commentaries, when a strong team is playing a weak team and is expected to score lots of goals. It came up just this week when Brazil played Ghana in the World Cup. It is used sometimes in other contexts. There semms to be an allusion back to 'eat your fill'.

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