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Complete the course

Posted by Pamela on June 09, 2006

In Reply to: Complete the course posted by MM on June 08, 2006

: Complete the course

: "In order to produce an exceptional long term track record as a fund manager, you first have to make sure you complete the course."

: What does "complete the course" mean here? Thanks!

Is the quote from a source advertising a training course? If so, then "complete the course" means finish the training. If not, then the writer is using a sporting metaphor. A person with an "exceptional ... track record" would be someone who has won a lot of races. To do this, an athlete would need to start at the beginning, follow all of the stages of a race in correct order and perform these stages well in order to finish in a strong position. What "the course" would be for a financial advisor is not clear from the quote. Pamela