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Ride in on your elephant

Posted by Pamela on April 29, 2006

In Reply to: Ride in on your elephant posted by Brian from Shawnee on April 28, 2006

: A coworker shared some tips he received during a class on giving good presentations. One was: Ride in on your elephant.

: : What does that mean? Start with an attention-getting device or start with a strong point?

: Sounds like it would be a grand entrance, like an Indian prince or a maharaja, to impress your audience before you even speak.

When I first read it I though: "start on your strongest (biggest?) point". ("It started out great, but then it was kinda weak from there - he road in on an elephant and went out like a hamster"). Now I'm trying to imagine an attention getting technique with the impact of "riding in on an elephant" and keep imagining a powerpoint delivery given by a man in a turban. I can't find it used on google. pamela