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Tell the kids that I love them....God

Posted by Brian from Shawnee on April 12, 2006

In Reply to: Tell the kids that I love them....God posted by Bob on April 12, 2006

: : : Where did the saying "Tell the kids that I love them....God" come from?

: : There's a whole series of outdoor billboards containing quotes from "God", called the "God Speaks" series. Others in the series are "Don't make me come down there" and "Let's meet Sunday before the game". According to Wikipedia, the billboards were created anonymously and were first seen in Florida in 1999. They're all over the place now. Here's a link to a page from a church that lists about twenty of them. Scroll down when you get there:

: The author of these pieces, and the followers who continue to place them, curiously omit a crucial fact: which god spoke to them so they could relay the message? Thor? Vishnu? Allah? Yahweh? Venus? Jove?

References to Sunday and "Thou shalt not..." in the billboards can be used as clues. But the one that disparages the Big Bang Theory would appear to narrow the God to one belonging to an evangelical Protestant denomination. The Roman Catholic church has accepted the Big Bang as non-heretical since 1950 and I'm pretty sure most mainstream Protestants accept it, too.