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'that'll put a lining on your stomach'

Posted by ESC on January 22, 2006

In Reply to: 'that'll put a lining on your stomach' posted by mandy on January 22, 2006

: I would like to know where 'that'll put a lining on your stomach' my grandma used to say this when she gave my grandad his tea before they went out on a saturday night when she dished up a big plate of 'fatty' food!
: if anyone can help I'd be's for my presentation on Stroke..
: thanks mandy

We've got at least one doc on this board. He probably can address this better. But fat does slow absorption. Found this online: The nutrient that has the greatest effect on blood glucose levels is carbohydrate. "Fat and protein don't affect so much glucose levels. In fact, fat slows glucose absorption." See "7 things you need to know about carbs..." on

Regarding the phrase itself, I'll look in my references and post again if I find it. Sounds like a variation of: that'll put hair on your chest.