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"jeez, get over it"

Posted by Bob on December 25, 2005

In Reply to: "Jeez, get over it" posted by Camilo Ferreira on December 25, 2005

: Could you please tell me what "jeez, get over it" means? No matter I have tried I could not find the answer. So I rely on your kindness to help me with it. I am Brazilian an my native language is Portuguese.
: Thank you a lot. Happy Holidays! December, 24, 2005.
: Camilo, from Brazil
: [email protected]

Welcome to our forum. The phrase means "it's time to stop worrying and complaining about that past disappointment or source of unhappiness. It's unproductive to keep complaining." Literally: "Jeez" is a shortened, slang version of Jesus (which in English is pronounced jeez-us, not at all like the way it's said in Portuguese) and "get over it" is idiomatic for "stop picking at emotional scabs; move along with your life."