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Oily slope

Posted by ESC on January 05, 2006

In Reply to: Oily slope posted by Bob on January 04, 2006

: : Hi. I'm from SLovenia, Europe and I have to translate an article which is titled: EU's oily slope. Now I don't know how to translate this title. I couldn't find a translation for it, nor could I found out what would it mean even though I found a few webpages with similar articles. I guess it's a phrase you use. Can you please explain what that means and if there's any other word that means the same. I thought it might be something similar to "slippery slope" or am I wrong? (The article is about gas and oil outputs running down in Europe and the problem that will cause) Thanks in advance.

: You are correct. The author is making a little play on words, changing the familiar phrase "slippery slope" with the specific cource of danger, oil. "Slippery slope" is a catchall term used by propagandists to warn about letting down one's guard, allowing small transgressions to become big problems.

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