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Furthest from the money

Posted by RRC on November 11, 2005

In Reply to: Furthest from the money posted by Matt on November 11, 2005

: okay, what exactly does "furthest from the money" mean I am reading this book called the black culture industry, and one of the title chapters is named that, and I have to list the significance of the chapter title to the chapter...

Not having read it, I'll just say this and let you decide if it applies. Things can be "in the money, "out of the money", "nearest the money", and "farthest from the money". I would say this has to do with racing/games (most likely horse-racing) where the only the top 3 finishers win money (or win money for the bettors) and thus are "in the money". The other competitors are "out of the money", and the losers are "farthest/furthest from the money."
I've also seen it used it business to mean those within an organization that have the least control over how money is spent. RRC