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Have Your Heart in Your Mouth

Posted by Steve E on July 26, 2005

In Reply to: Have Your Heart in Your Mouth posted by Bob on July 26, 2005

: : Have Your Heart in Your Mouth
: : I always thought this expression to mean to be about to throw up. But have just met it in a different context, ie. to be nervous. Any ideas?
: : Thanks,
: : Jan

: A state of nervous anxiety. Nothing digestive involved.

I have always understood this phrase to relate more directly to fear rather than anxiety, although fear does cause anxiety. Fear to such a degree that your heart starts beating wildly and feels as if it could beat its way into your mouth due to the force of the heartbear that you felt. "I saw the crazed man coming at me with a gun. His face held a maniacal expression and my heart was in my mouth for I was sure that he meant to shoot me"

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