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Go to Egery

Posted by DRC on April 16, 2005

In Reply to: Go to Egery posted by Smokey Stover on April 15, 2005

: : : : : : I thought I'd contribute this as a search doesn't bring it up.

: : : : : : I'm curious what phrases exist for towns in the middle of nowhere. You know, when you want to stress something happening somewhere remote. The ones I have heard are the above and:

: : : : : : West Bumf***

: : : : : : Any others?

: : : : : President Reagan came up with "South Succotash" in the 1980's.

: : : : This "armpit" gets attached to places and placenames quit often. The Washington Post did a quite good article on Battle Mountain, NV the armpit of the nation and someone, perhaps the WSJ called Bethel, AK the armpit of Alaska. I have always been curious as to how this got started.

: : : Podunk.

: : go all the way to Egery and back - A long distance. "I had to go all the way to Egery and back to get this dog." This refers to the community of Egeria in Raleigh County, West Virginia.

: Armpit is good. I had a friend who went to college near Utica, in central New York State. He quoted a local saying, "If they ever gave the world an enema, Utica is where they would stick the tube." SS

One that is used here(TN) often is "bumf*** Egypt". It may be related to Helmut Applebaum's contribution.

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