Their being received

Posted by Steve E on April 27, 2005

In Reply to: Their being received posted by Smokey Stover on April 27, 2005

: : : I wonder whether you could help with an argument that has arisen following the posting of an internal e-mail here at work.

: : : One of our employees has caused a commotion by insisting the following statement contains a grammatical and compositional error in relation to the 'their being received' section of the statement.

: : : Could you, my learned friends, analyse the statement and let me know if it's correct or incorrect?

: : : It would also be helpful to explain why it is right or wrong!

: : : The statement is as follows:-

: : : "In Neil's case in particular, could you ensure his faxes are taken and handed to him - or left on his desk - within 20 minutes of their being received?"

: : : Many thanks!

: : Looks OK to me.
: Good sentence, actually, clear, grammatical, concise. Why the todo? SS

Seems OK, but I would have said "within 20 minutes of their receipt"