Going Swimmingly

Posted by Katy Bilton on March 15, 2005

In Reply to: Going Swimmingly posted by Smokey Stover on March 14, 2005

Hey there smokey - thanks for the reply. Seems this is as deep as it goes...take care out there! KT

: : Can anyone tell me the origin of the phrase 'it's all going swimmingly' I have hunted around to no avail.

: You'll have to deduce what you can from the OED definition: "In a swimming manner.
: 1. With easy smooth progress; smoothly and without impediment; with uninterrupted success or prosperity. In early use, esp. with bear, carry: With conspicuous success, with éclat."
: [earliest OED citation:] "c1622 FLETCHER Prophetess I. iii, Max. Can such a Rascal as thou art, hope for honour?.. Geta. Yes, and bear it too, And bear it swimmingly." I hope that helps. SS