Preaching to the choir?

Posted by Bob on May 04, 2000

In Reply to: Preaching to the choir? posted by Bill Maynard on May 03, 2000

: : I believe it means to be complaining something to someone who agrees with your point of view, but could someone verify? Thanks.

: I thought it was "preaching to the converted" which meant setting about convincing someone of a point of view he already shared with you. 'Preaching to the choir' on the other hand means (with about 60% certainty on my part) to speak to a captive audience - if the congregation doesn't turn up it doesn't mean the choir can go home early.

The choir, one must assume, is comprised of the most faithful attendees. The ones most likely to be in total agreement with you. The notion of "complaining" is indeed part of it: preaching to the choir gives you the satisfaction of venting and/or fulminating, without the slightest chance of hearing disagreement. (Of course, there's also no chance of having an impact...)