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Rug cutter

Posted by Bruce Kahl on February 14, 2005

In Reply to: Rug cutter posted by ESC on February 13, 2005

: : : I know it means, to dance, but does anyone know how it started or why? TIA!! ~Pam

: : I thought this one would be easy to find. But I've looked through several references without luck.

: The Hollywood Swing Classes & Workshops site at has a guide to "Jive talkin'" that says: RUG CUTTER - A great dancer. Also "to cut a rug" - to dance. Originates from house parties when the carpets would be taken up to create a dance floor.

: But my question is, if you roll up the carpet, how would a dancer "cut" a rug?

Just a big maybe:
One of the meanings of "cut" is "to seperate or discharge".
So if you are standing on a rug and you want to dance you "cut" or seperate the rug from its usual position by rolling it up and stashing it somewhere till the dancing is over.

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