Posted by Brian from Shawnee on February 12, 2005

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: : Q1) The divide in the U.S.A is often referred to as "blue-state Americans v.s. red-state Americans".

: : Why blue for more liberal Americans (Democrats) and red for more conservative Americans (Republicans)?

: : Q2) Is it true that in some schools in red states Creationism is taught in a science class and Darwinism is dismissed or ignored as unimportant or just a fiction? If true, how long has this been going on? Which states?
: : I was so shocked when I heard this from an American friend....

: Starting with Question 2. Yes, evolution vs. creationism or some variation is still a hot issue in some states. See article below. Bringing this around to phrases, recently a school administrator thought she'd found a solution by referring to "processes over time" rather than to the word "evolution." It didn't work out. On a personal note, I believe the Earth and everything else was created by God. But I've never understood why people think that is not compatible with evolution. See Genesis. It's all there.

: Evolution ruling gets cheers from scientists
: Friday, January 14, 2005 Posted: 10:51 AM EST (1551 GMT)

: ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) -- Since 2002, Dr. Kenneth Miller has been upset that biology textbooks he has written are slapped with a warning sticker by the time they appear in suburban Atlanta schools. Evolution, the stickers say, is "a theory, not a fact."
: www.cnn.com/ 2005/EDUCATION/01/14/evolution.stickers.ap/

Naturally there are enclaves of "blue" in the "red" states and vice-versa. Here in the "blue" state of Pennsylvania certain elements within the York School District are attempting to have the "Intelligent Design" (Creationism) theory given equal billing with the Evolution theory in science textbooks. So far I think they've been unsuccessful.

By the way, the Roman Catholic church and perhaps other mainstream religious organizations accept that scientific theories like evolution and the Big Bang are not necessarily blasphemous.