Sweater on my tongue

Posted by SR on January 28, 2005

In Reply to: Dragon breath/ potty mouth posted by Brian from Shawnee on January 27, 2005

: : Here are two that have yet to be discussed in the forum: 'dragon breath' and 'potty mouth.'

: : I have heard 'dragon breath' described as breath capable of 'taking the chrome off a trailer hitch' or 'knocking the buzzards off a manure wagon.'

: : 'Potty mouth' is someone with a foul mouth or vulgar vocabulary. Then there is 'morning breath' etc.
: : Any other additions?

: : SR

: Speaking of dragon breath, in the late 1960's Lever Brothers introduced a new toothpaste in the U.S., called Vote. The flavor was so strong that you would only like it if you were old enough to vote, so that's why they chose the name. And in the TV commercials they had this cartoon dragon who endorsed the product. You can't buy Vote toothpaste today because nobody really wanted dragon breath.

Interesting, Brian, I did not know that. We were discussing this post last evening and someone offered "sweater on my tongue," "furry teeth," and "morning mouth."