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Already in

Posted by TheFallen on January 16, 2005

In Reply to: Already in posted by Bob on January 14, 2005

: : : : : What does this mean?

: : : : :
: : : : : Thanks in advance.
: : : : Slang for urinate. "Tap" as in a beer tap or spigot.

: : : For guys, also known as 'draining the lizard'

: : This is another one for Gary to compile a list of similar phrases for the archives if we have not done so already.
: : I have heard men say that they 'must see a man about a horse,' meaning the same thing.

: : SR
: already in the archives.

This subject does come up often enough to merit its own archived section - I'll add "drain the main vein" and "siphon the python" to the mix.