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Don't worry, they give as good as they get & vice versa

Posted by Lotg on December 06, 2004

In Reply to: Hey its not standards, its dignity posted by Keith Rennie on December 05, 2004

: : : : : : In the classic Hippocratic Oath, there was the demand to -- first--- do no harm to a patient. This phrase
: : : : : : is the sensible shorthand to an approach to actions of all kinds. It is instructive (and a bit stirring) to read the Classic Hippocratic Oath in the link below, and the modern one.

: : : : : :

: : : : :

: : : : Wow Ward, this one worries me. Do you mean that the best they have to offer is they'll try not to hurt us? I was hoping for a slightly greater commitment than that. ---GODDESS

: : : From my sister, a doctor in NZ:

: : : "You shall not kill, but shall not strive
: : : Officiously to keep alive".
: : : - Keith

: : Phew - we're planning a holiday in NZ. Glad you warned me about their medical standards. ---GODDESS
: Hey, dont take that joke too far or you'll have me in trouble with my sister. NZ med standards are good. Means there also comes a time when you have to be ready to turn off the life support and accept death with dignity. My wife and daughter are holidaying there now. I expect to see them again.

You needn't worry. We are always putting Kiwis down and they do the same to us. And we both care equally. It's just a big joke. Plus - I have no concerns whatsoever about the standards over there. They're standards in general are exceptionally high.

But I'm glad you're expecting your wife and daughter safely - although their attitude to sheep may have changed (snigger). --GODDESS