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It ever was..

Posted by JCk on October 21, 2004

In Reply to: It ever was.. posted by TheFallen on October 19, 2004

: : : The matter has ceased to be a mystery to any one. Indeed, I wonder that it ever was a mystery.

: : : How to say "it ever was a mystery" in the simplest and clearest way?

: : : In this sentence : "I" think it used to be a mystery. Or "I" think it never was a mystery? ... Thank you.

: :
: : The original sentence is perfectly clear. In the second instance, the second example, 'I think it never was a mystery', seems better to me.

: The original sentence is indeed clear - though it's crucially important to understand that the verb "to wonder" here is being used in its sense of "to be surprised", rather than "to think".

: So to translate... "The matter has ceased to be a mystery. Indeed I'm surprised that it ever was."

Thank you.