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Table has changed tops

Posted by TheFallen on September 19, 2004

In Reply to: Table has changed tops posted by ESC on September 19, 2004

: : : Does anyone know the meaning of' the table has changed tops' when it refers to a person and normally when is it used?
: : : kindly reply,needed urgently.

: : Since you have posted this twice I will give you a guess as to what this phrase means.

: : Some people can be very chameleon-like.

: : A chameleon is an animal that changes colors as a defensive action so as to blend into its surroundings.

: : So if you are referring to a person as a "table that has changed tops" then maybe that person has the ability to take on a different persona, to become a people pleaser.

: : This person would act one way with you and then would change his or her style and say things and believe in things differently when in the presence of different people.

: : Just a guess.

: I can't find anything in my references. Maybe some kind of game table that has more than one top to play different games?

I like that idea. Both in France and in England as far back as the C18th, flip-top/reversible gaming tables were quite common, often having an inlaid chessboard on one side and either green baize (for cards) or inlaid leather (for writing) on the other, so ESC's suggestion seems more than plausible. To describe someone as being like "a table that has changed tops" sounds mildly derogatory, since that person will switch sides or opinions to suit the moment.