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Soapy vs. floury

Posted by Shae on August 06, 2004

In Reply to: Soapy vs. floury posted by platypus on August 06, 2004

: : What is the meaning of "soapy potato"?

: : Thank you!

: I had never heard of a "soapy" potato. So I Googled it. From what I gather, there are two opposing attributes to potatoes: soapy and floury. Soapy potatoes have more moisture content and floury potatoes are drier. I would like to know more about this "soapy potato" thing. If anyone knows please continue the thread.

'Soapy' (also waxy) and 'floury' describe the texture of the cooked potato. Some varieties remain firm when cooked, while others become fluffy or floury. Which to use is a matter of personal choice. When boiling, roasting or making chips (French fries) I use soapy varieties, but prefer floury ones for baked (jacket) potatoes.