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Expatica as in

Posted by Bruce Kahl on July 13, 2004

In Reply to: Expatica as in posted by MichaelFR on July 13, 2004

: : What does "Expatica" mean. It appears it is probably French. is an online magazine or newspaper (in English).

: Didn't find it in French, Latin, Greek, Italian, Spanish dictionaries. Unless I missed something, it could be a name made out of "expat" or "expatriate", according to the content of their the web site.
: Wait for experts help anyway.

Yes, I agree. It looks like it is a made up name.

An expatriate is a person who has left one's native country to live elsewhere.

From their site:
"Expatica, Europe's leading expatriate media company, is the #1 English-language news & information source for expatriates living in, working in or moving to the Netherlands (Holland), Germany, France, Belgium or Spain".