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Screw that

Posted by Rude Boy on June 03, 2004

In Reply to: Screwed up posted by James Briggs on May 26, 2004

: : : : Is the phrase, "screwed up," to be considered vulgar or obscene in casual conversation, like its obviously vulgar synonym?

: : : I felt uncomfortable using "screwed up" in front of my 90-something grandmother-in-law. I was telling about my little son trying to say "I'm all keyed up" and instead saying "I'm all screwed up." From the look on her face, I think it was a mistake to use the term. But I think it's considered pretty mild otherwise. (I'm from the U.S.)

: I consider it innocuous - but then, at my age, the meaning and change of emphasis of slang words often passes me by!! 'His face was all screwed up' and, by extension, 'he was all screwed up' can't be regarded as vulgar. But then, who knows!?

'screwed up' means 'confused' or 'wound up' in that context. I think it is a metaphor from a clockwork toy and the use of 'screw' accordingly innocent. that is considerably different to 'fkd up' - similar word, completely different meaning, not just more intense.

there, nailed that one.