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Posted by Vidhya on July 01, 2004

In Reply to: * Good Cop Bad Cop * posted by lewis on July 01, 2004

Hi Lewis, thank you so much for your response.

Here're the contexts for:

1) "hone your chops" - Since "chops" refers broadly to the technical facility of a musical performer wouldn't the phrase then mean to get better at, practice? After googling the phrase I found it being used mainly in the musical context so would it be safe to use it otherwise?

2) "straight line of a man":

He is a straight line of a man with a raptor face and piercing eyes

3) "throw her under the bus"

I don't think we should throw her under the bus as a sacrificial lamb for

Have you figured the meaning of "water's-edgily on"...I'm thinking it has to do with one's wavering thinking or flip-flopping between two polarized issues, correctmente? :-)

Thanks much,