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Proverb meaning and origin

Posted by Bruce Kahl on April 20, 2004

In Reply to: Proverb meaning and origin posted by Tim Wambunya on April 19, 2004

: Does any one know the meaning and origin of teh proverb 'blind belief is dangerous'

Don't get me started, ok?
You did it, oh well:

Seems like Mr. Bush is leading in the polls by 52 to 46.

The president's handling of terrorism-related issues remained his strongest point in the poll, with adults surveyed approving of his performance, 60 percent to 39 percent.

He has lied to us time and again yet people over here love him.

Blind belief surely is dangerous.

Copious statements by George W. Bush and his administration have been verifiably false, and many involving justification for war with Iraq stongly appear to be deliberate deceptions.

Blind belief surely is very dangerous.

Instead of getting the truth, we are getting demagoguery from the Bush administration that's straight from the Nixon playbook: deny and hedge your responses, accuse your critics of being "partisan" or even "disloyal," and change the subject if things start getting too hot. But, as Nixon found out, you can only keep doing these things for so long before the truth eventually breaks through.

I hope you can see blind belief surely is dangerous.