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President Bush

Posted by ESC on April 14, 2004

In Reply to: and? posted by Rube on April 14, 2004

: : These two phrases appeared in a newspaper articles:

: : 1.Meanwhile, Bush, who once challenged his own father to go mano a mano, is still addicted to tough talk, and still personalises everything.
: : 2.Bush told officials that "I want heads to roll."

: Just a rolling heads up?

1. I thought this phrase meant "man to man" but Merriam Webster online says:
Mano a mano
Main Entry: ma·no a ma·no
Pronunciation: "mä-nO-ä-'mä-nO
Usage: foreign term
Etymology: Spanish
: hand to hand : in direct competition or confrontation

Little Bush challenged Daddy Bush to a fight.

2. Heads to roll. He wants people to have to face the consequences of their actions. Not to literally have their heads chopped off. But maybe lose their jobs, etc.