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Knock it

Posted by Miri Barak on April 05, 2004

In Reply to: Knock it posted by ESC on April 05, 2004

: : : : She says:
: : : : "When you see this sort of countryside you can't knock it"
: : : : it's an admiring sentence, but I am not sure about the "knock it". (it's Britain).

: : : : Thank you very much

: : : From Merriam-Webster online:
: : : 3 : to find fault with. Always knocking those in authority.

: : : Or, "Don't knock it until you've tried it."

: : many thanks ESC, I never look in Mirriam webster,
: : I always go to cambridge,(onelook) but this time I'm knocked out, so to speak.

: : I think I'll have to give you some percentage of my salary. don't you think?
: : Not that it's too high. actually quite the opposite. but what can I do, I'm in love with tranlating.

: This, believe it or not, is what I do for fun. That's payment enough.

I can understand it all right. Still you have my appreciation, You and all the good people who help me. You save me time and again.