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Yes, Billy strikes again!

Posted by Barney on February 29, 2000

In Reply to: Yes, Billy strikes again! posted by The Critic on February 26, 2000

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: : : : : Pardon me for stepping in here...but I'd think Shakespeare might have an eloquent phrase or two of interest in my quest (see my post below).

: : : : : Does anyone have any humorous (or just good) phrases for those forays that young men take to prove their worth? I'm interested in phrases, slang terms, or coulourful descriptions about men proving or establishing themselves. Early battles and quests. Marking out turf.

: : : : : Thank you.

: : : : Am I the only one who thinks Shakespear is a stupid, no talant bum, and shouldn't be read or respected by anyone? Who's with me!!

: The quality of your contribution provides ample proof that, to appreciate the written Shakespeare, requires a greater talent that you possess.

: Go instead to a live performance, concentrate on the spoken dialogue and appreciate this greatest of playwright whose command of the English language has not been equalled and whose unrivalled grasp of the essential human condition has never found clearer expression.

: Miss/dismiss Shakespeare and you brick up a window on the world through which the light of understanding pours in an unending torrent.

: : : At my high school (in the U.S.), we had to sit for hours and take turns reading Shakespeare's plays. That almost ruined it for me. His work has to be seen on stage to be really appreciated.

: : You know, you are so right. In my high school, when I was there in the late 80's, in English class, we were assigned to read the plays for homework, were quizzed on them, analyzed them, ect, and it really lost a lot of dignity in that. Great plays are meant to be enjoyed, not studied. It was not until university when I saw "Twelfth Night" performed that I truly started appreciating his work. I believe it will be the same for you, Louis! Get out and watch a play, and see if your mind isn't changed.

Can't resist commenting on The Critic's contribution. A bit of unnecessary brutality in the first paragraph but how could you better the last: 'through which the light of understanding pours in an unending torrent'. Surely not original but I find no reference in a pretty wide search.