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Daisy Chain

Posted by ESC on February 13, 2000

In Reply to: Daisy Chain posted by ESC on February 12, 2000

: : In looking this one up all I find are technical articles or stitching patterns.. can anyone help with the origin or meaning of this phrase? Thanks!

: I have a CD of old show tunes. There's one that says something like, "I used to be on the daisy chain, now I'm a chain store daisy." I took this to mean there was some short of chorus line dance with young girls and daisies linked together. And wasn't it once a custom to make necklaces and "crowns" by linking daisies together?

Easter daisy chain - verse from an online card at card at

how do we go out and face the world is the same question as how do we pick our friends?
. . . dearly, like gems.
carefully, like flowers.
the moments we remember best stay with us like a daisy-chain;
like a necklace made of flowers, worn with familiarity and love, and close to the heart.
we arrange them until they become something beautiful and walk out into the world holding hands.