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An heart-felt plea

Posted by Li Yar's Ghostwriter on February 06, 2004

God bless America - one nation under a groove.
I have American friends, I like quite a bit of American popular culture, I respect the desire for individuality and free expression, I recognise the achievements of the people who have become Americans I even prefer that the USA for all its faults is the dominant military superpower BUT on this board and in our quest for enlightenment can we please give due weight to sources and think about the likelihood of citations being correct 'first use'. I really enjoy this site and the stimulating debate it creates, but I am tired of finding fairly modern US citations being flagged up as 'first use'.

Please think about the expressions and the words used before quoting Oprah or Marvel comics as 'first use'.

it's all good debate for me to point out that a quote has an early source say in Dante, the Bible, Greek philosophy or Hieroglyphs, but we should police ourselves and not write rubbish.

PS at least when Li Yar posts, you know he may be kidding...