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Posted by WordCrafter on February 06, 2004

In Reply to: Doohickey? posted by R. Berg on February 05, 2004

: : : : In an English advertisement for a battery powered doohickey, it said it was good for intimate massage. Since when do we call it that?

: : : Since the doohickey manufacturers have been trying to get their advertisements into publications that you wouldn't mind being caught reading.

: : WHAT is a 'doohickey'? Is that a regular term for a vibrator/dildo or just one of those unspecific words like a 'doodah' or 'whatsit'?
: : Does is include both active and passive types?

: : I would have thought 'intimate massage' is a reasonable description of the activity in question.

: : When I was a kid or about 8 - I went out to an event with our American neighbours. I was in the back with the two youngest daughters and suddenly, one insisted that mum show me her vibrator, which she duly extracted from her hand-bag and buzzed around the car. I had no inkling as to the embarrassment that might have been expected and accepted at face value that it was for her sore neck. even if she'd said 'cervix' instead, we would have been none (or should that be 'nun'?) the wiser.

: "Doohickey" is indeed a synonym for "whatsit" and "thingamabob."

: Vibrators ARE sometimes used for neck massage. Seriously.

::::Oh, come on.